Thoughts…about life…


I was sitting at the beach, watching the ocean, soaking in my surroundings. I noticed a dead plant on the sand.  Beside it was a butterfly, fluttering around.  A crab crawls along the soft sand.  Death and life intertwined.  Yet the waves kept crashing.

There was no rhyme or reason to the waves consistency. There was no pattern.  They just kept flowing, back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes they would break far from shore, other times they broke greeting the sand.  At times they’d roll in sideways, or straight as an arrow.

I held sand in my hand, it slipped through my fingers.  I grasp it hard, it slipped through my fingers, I held it softly, it slipped through my fingers once more.

Life is like the beach.  It’s intertwined with death.  There is beauty everywhere.  It can be calming.  It can be chaotic.

You can’t hold onto life.  You have to let it flow.  Let it flow through you, let it flow around you.  Life is a paradox.  It can be completely random, like the crashing of the waves, but it can also be predicted, just as you know the waves will always reach the sand.

There are no absolutes in life.  There is just learning.  Learning to love yourself. Learning to love others. Learning to accept the changes that are going on around you. Learning to go with the flow.  Learning to see the beauty that surrounds you.  Learning to see how fragile life can be.  Learning to see how solid life is too.

You are here!  Right where you are.  You don’t need to worry about over there.  You’ll get there when you get there. Right now, just be here. Be calm. Be in the moment.

People are like the ocean.  They have depth.  They are the calm seas and the roaring waves, simultaneously.

Looking out at the ocean you see an expanding body of water.  Sometimes rough and choppy, sometimes gentle and still.  But below the surface so much is happening.  There is life. There is a living, breathing world.  There is a world that is living, surviving, dying.  A whole other world exists, just under the surface.  People are the same. Only when you dive deep can you really understand yourself and therefore others.

Diving deep into the abyss of darkness is where you truly meet yourself. You face your human fears.  You see the hurt, the hopes, the love, the need for forgiveness.  By diving deep you bring to life the real you.  The Divine you.  The you that your soul is yearning to be. The you that is eager to show itself to the world, only it’s scared of judgement.

Animals don’t fear judgement. Young children don’t fear judgement.  They go about doing what makes them feel good.  They do what they want to do.  That is how we should be living our lives.  Doing what makes us happy. Not caring about what others think, what they say behind our backs or what they judge us about.

Each and everyone one of us is so busy trying to keep ourselves afloat.  We don’t have our thoughts preoccupied with others, (at least not 100% of the time). Each person is thinking about their own lives.  Their own families.  Their own needs.

Don’t let the fear of judgement ever sway you from living the life you wish to live.  If you are not hurting others, intentionally or otherwise, do what you need to, to be happy.  What’s the point otherwise?


Until we meet again…

Mel x


Guidance from the Tarot: 19th – 25th September 2016

How have you all been feeling after the recent Full Moon in Pisces? And how has Mercury Retrograde been treating you?  It’s been a bit of a doozy for myself, with lots of hidden emotions resurfacing and lots of shadow work to be done. Thankfully, my League of spiritual defenders speak boldly and I have been (trying) to listen. By using tools, such as the Tarot and Oracle cards, it helps me to hear clearly the messages of my subconscious and higher self.  The trick is to quiet the mind first, then everything will flow.  Lessons continue to be taught until we learn them. Listening carefully in the first place, helps a lot!

Anyway…I have been pulling daily cards from a new deck, Food Fortunes by Josh LaFayette (a funky little deck filled with yummy goodness), over on Instagram.  I bought the deck to really get in tune with my intuition and to raise my vibration.  I absolutely love it and it’s been giving me a good work out. So I thought I’d pull a card for weekly guidance and blog about it, since I haven’t for so long!  As usual though, I felt the need to pull a few more cards to get a better idea of the week we may be in for, so here we are…

The Sparkler. Third Eye Chakra. Seven of Cups. 


This week is about choices. About being in balance with our higher self.  We need to ask, how can we connect more to the divine and how can we keep the balance of life? This is something I personally have been working through myself. For me I have found giving my intuition a good work out is helping. Daily exercise, good diet and daily meditation are working a treat too!

This week listen to your intuition, go with that gut feeling.  It’s about balance and equilibrium. Finding the equal balance to live our lives on purpose. It’s your choice. You get to choose the flavour of your life, you get to add the sparkle, the fizz!  It’s your choice.

You can think about the past and stay stuck there or you can thank it for it’s lessons and move forward. You can give up and think it’s all too hard, or you can push through, asking yourself, ‘where can I improve?’

When focussing on your life and the choices that life provides for you, do so with love. Be kind to yourself. Be grateful and be thankful.  Dream, seek inspiration and then begin to put it into practise.  Action is required this week. Don’t just wish your life better, you have to take the action steps to improve it. If you are faced with too many choices, begin by listing all your options and then write pros and cons. You can even start with what you don’t want in life to help you determine what you really do want. Just make sure to be very specific and clear when setting your intentions and asking the Universe for help in manifesting your desires. Use some logic too. It’s ok to dream of escape, but in reality, is it really what you need? Dig deep and ask ‘why?’ Why are you feeling this way? Why do you want things to change? Then start on the how.

As I said, this past week has been a doozy.  Lots of soul searching and lots of inner work needs to be done. 2016 is a year of cycles ending.  It’s time to prepare yourself for the next cycle in your life.  Take care and know that you are loved, protected and needed!

The world needs you to sparkle! 

Until we meet again…

Mel x


Being Mindful


I’m sure many of you have heard the term before, “being mindful” or “mindfulness” but what exactly does it mean?

Simply put it means paying attention.  This can be done through a variety of ways. You can be mindful while walking, while eating, while sitting.  Being mindful means to pay attention to what you are doing, being present and bringing awareness to what you are experiencing.  This can be applied to sensations, emotions, thoughts, sights or sounds.

At the start of the year I completed an online mindfulness course. It ran for 6 weeks and during those 6 weeks we were introduced to the philosophy behind the practise, we practised being mindful daily and we spoke of how we used mindfulness in our daily lives. The course was thoroughly enjoyable. It taught me a great deal about being present, but the most surprising thing I learnt was about being non judgemental towards myself.  Mindfulness brought a sense of calm, a sense of identifying, yet it did so with kindness, love and non-judgement.

The most basic exercise we practised was simply sitting and breathing.  We counted our breaths, or simply stated in our minds “in, out, in, out”.  If we heard a noise, we simply labelled it “noise”.  If our minds began to wonder, instead of criticising ourselves, we simply stated “thought” then continued to focus on our breathing.

As the course progressed so did our practises. We practised breathing and scanning our bodies.  We would focus on a particular body part and draw our attention to it, feeling all there was to feel, yet labelling it with love and non judgement. We practised mindful walking, really feeling our feet touching the surface we walked across, feeling which part of our foot touched the ground first. We practised mindful eating, feeling the texture of the food, enjoying the flavours.  Simply by slowing down and bringing our attention to what we were doing.

I find myself using mindfulness throughout the day. Sometimes I do it without realising, like a habit, other times I purposefully focus my attention. Mindfulness can be used in any situation, for example, waiting for the checkout operator at the supermarket, try to be present, to breathe and notice what is happening. What can you feel, hear, see? Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.  Little by little you’ll begin to retrain your brain, to be less negative and judgmental.  To be more present and aware.

The most important thing with mindfulness is the quality of the attention, rather than the object of attention. Recently I had to go into an MRI machine. I was nervous and it took a lot of my energy to get into the machine. Whilst in the machine I focused on my mindfulness training. I counted my breaths, I labeled the sounds and I didn’t allow my thoughts to wonder to thoughts of fear. I stayed centred, calm and present. As I left the machine, I felt such a huge wave of accomplishment wash over me. I was so thankful for my training which inadvertently prepared me for this.

Mindfulness allows you to be attentive, to be open, present and honest within the moment. And it allows you to observe what is happening rather than trying to be in control of what is happening. Mindfulness allows us to focus on our wellbeing. It helps us to understand the causes of stress and happiness. It allows us to begin to find ways that produce positive effects on our lives.

It encourages us to be present.

If you’ve ever thought about doing a course, or training in mindfulness, do it! Don’t hold off, I promise it’ll be worth it.


Until we meet again…

Mel x






Guidance from the Tarot: 29th March -3rd April 2016


Recently I’ve been very drawn to Norse Runes.  I’ve decided to make my own set and teach myself how to use them.  Until I have all the resources ready, I have begun using some Rune cards.  They are used much the same way as Tarot cards are used, and are best used intuitively.  The messages are profound and what is needed to be heard.

This week I have combined the Tarot and the Runes into one weekly reading, just for something different.  I love the messages that I received for us all.

The Sun card wants to tell us that this week will be one of warmth, love, gratitude and joy.  I feel more so this will be internal.  It’s a time of change, of seeing things clearly and with a new perspective. The sun shines brightly on us and soothes us.  We feel protected, blessed and loved.  We are abundant and protected.  We are heading in the right direction and are beginning to fulfil our dreams.  It’s a week of embracing our destiny, of soaking in the glorious life giving sun rays.  We feel hopeful.  We are living on purpose.  The Sun wants us to see how uncomplicated life should be. That all we need is love and faith in the support of the Universe.  That the answers come from within and that by doing what we love, being grateful for what we have, we achieve happiness.  It’s a week of counting our blessings and seeing how truly rich we all are.

Laguz, meaning water, wants to remind you that it is within you, all the power you need, you hide inside.  That your intuition is always right, it guides you, it inspires you, it supports you.  Connect to your inner self this week.  Be like water, go with the flow, with the changes that occur.  Don’t try to tame the tide, be fluid, be flexible and your week will be wonderful.  Pay attention to your dreams too, messages from your unconscious will be prominent in your dreams.  You may even be taking a trip across the water this week, or communicating with others far away.  Take note of conversations you have with others, be mindful and do what feels right.  It’s a week of internal work and of cleansing.  Water is life giving, we need it to sustain life, as do we need sunlight to grow.

It’s a powerful week this week.  A week of heightened perceptions.  A week of trusting your intuition and feeling the life force flowing through you.

Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee

Until we meet again…

Mel x

Solar Eclipse and New Moon



We have a pretty full on week happening with the Solar Eclipse happening on the 8th March 2016 and then the New Moon on the 9th March 2016.

For those of us sensitive to the Moon’s changes, we may be feeling a lot of mixed energies. So be kind to yourself this week.

During a Solar Eclipse the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, temporarily blocking the Sun.

Eclipses bring the winds of change, whether you are ready for them or not!  It’s the cosmic kick in the backside that we sometimes need, as we do often get lazy, stuck in cycles and begin procrastinating about our lives.  Sometimes we need that (not so) gentle reminder that time waits for no one and we must make our dreams our reality.  No one else is going to do it for us!

The New Moon does much the same! The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, of setting new goals and new intentions for your life. So this week is the perfect week to begin manifesting your dreams into reality.

Here are some ways you can harness the energies of these astrological occurrences.

  • Have a New Moon ritual-begin by cleansing an area in your home, light some candles or incense, get your crystals out, ground yourself, meditate, set your intentions, make your New Moon wishes.
  • You can simply write your intentions down, fold them up and place them under your favourite crystal.
  • Make a vision board and gaze upon it daily to motivate you to reach your goals.
  • Simply whisper your intentions to the Moon.
  • Go out side under the New Moon and soak in it’s presence.
  • Draw, paint, sing, dance, create!
  • Do whatever you’re guided to do! Listen to your intuition and inner knowing!
  • Most of all, have fun!


Have a truly magical week!

Until we meet again…

Mel x



February 2016 Full Moon


On Monday 22nd February 2016 we will be witness to another beautiful full moon. There is certainly something magical about them.

The February full moon is often named the Hunger Moon, Snow Moon or the Ice Moon, as in the Northern Hemisphere it’s the middle of winter and it was the time when our ancestors would be experiencing the harshness of the winter weather. Animals are hidden away and hunting has become increasingly more difficult. Our ancestors are holding up, hoping they have enough supplies to continue them through the winter.

Soon enough though, the sprouts of Spring will begin to surface. New life and birth will be present everywhere.

The full moon is in the sign of Virgo.  This full moon is one that focusses on responsibility. On being responsible for our own lives, our own decisions and our own choices. Of not placing blame on others and not laying blame on ourselves.  It’s time to drop any victim mentality and focus on the blessings we have.  To begin to notice the greatness that we are and the magic that surrounds us every day. It’s a time to look inwards. To embrace all we are and to be gentle, compassionate and loving towards ourselves.

The full moon is a great time to reflect. To reflect on all that we no longer need in our lives but also of that which we wish we had.  It’s the perfect time to release any old, stagnant energy and to welcome new changes with open arms and an open heart.

The full moon is also a time to recharge your crystals, so don’t forget to place them out under the moon light this evening. If you have no where safe outside to leave them (or if it’s raining) place them on a window sill.  They’ll still get the moon rays and charge.

It’s also the perfect time to moon bake!  Moon baking is much like sun baking but without the negative side effects.  If you get the chance, even for a minute, stand outside (preferably bare foot) and hold your palms to the moon. Feel it’s energy and soak in it’s glorious rays. It’s very empowering!

You may even like to do a full moon meditation or even a full moon tarot spread. There are lots of different ways to enjoy the amazing energies of a full moon.

Enjoy and be gentle with yourself. You are made of the stars and you are magnificent!

Until we meet again…

Mel x



Safe travels Starman

I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.

~David Bowie


Ten things Bowie taught us:

  1. Always be yourself (if you don’t like something, redesign it!)
  2. Let your creativity shine bright
  3. Express yourself
  4. Love yourself
  5. Love others
  6. Tell your story any way you can
  7. Challenge yourself
  8. Push boundaries
  9. Collaborate with others
  10. Be theatrical

Farewell and safe travels Starman, while the earth seems a little more dim, the stars are shining brighter than ever.

Until we meet again…

Mel x

Your Tarot theme for the year


Did you know that by using a simple calculation you can predict the theme for your year using the Tarot?  It’s much like calculating your year number in Numerology.

It’s simple to do and gives you an amazing insight into what your year may look like.  It shows you the underlying theme for the year and it’s kinda like a cheat sheet.  Like a cosmic heads up.

To start, all you need is your day of birth and your month of birth, then you add these two numbers to the year you are wishing to get insight for.

So for example, if your birthday is the 16th June and you are wishing to know what your tarot theme for 2016 is, you add 16 (day of birth) + 6 (month of birth) + 2016 (year you want to know about).

When we calculate this, it equals 2,038.  We then need to reduce this number to between 1-22 (the cards of the Major Arcana).

So,  2 + 0 + 3 + 8 = 13.

13 in the Major Arcana equates to the Death card.  So the tarot theme for 2016 would be Death.  Not death as in you’re going to literally die, but death as in changes, endings, rebirth and new beginnings.

If your number is higher than 22, you need to reduce the number by adding them together again. So for example if your number, once calculated, is 24 you add 2 + 4 which equals 6.  So your tarot card theme for the year is The Lovers.  A year of love, union, romance.

It’s really that simple! Oh and the tarot year cycles don’t go from calendar year to calendar year, they are from birthday to birthday.  So if you are trying to calculate what 2016 may have in store for you, don’t forget to calculate 2015 too.  It will make much more sense.

If you don’t own a tarot deck or are not too sure on how to interpret the card’s meaning, please feel free to contact me via my Facebook page: Honey Bee & Me and I will happily help you out.  All I ask in return is for some feedback and that you share my page (and blog) and recommend me to friends. My aim is to teach people that the tarot isn’t bad and evil like some people believe.  That it’s really a positive tool in helping guide you through life.

Until we meet again…

Mel x



by Lewis Carrol

09-The Jabberwocky

‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves, 
And the mome raths outgrabe.
Beware the Jabberwock, my son! 
      The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! 
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun 
      The frumious Bandersnatch!” 
He took his vorpal sword in hand; 
      Long time the manxome foe he sought— 
So rested he by the Tumtum tree 
      And stood awhile in thought. 
And, as in uffish thought he stood, 
      The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame, 
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood, 
      And burbled as it came! 
One, two! One, two! And through and through 
      The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! 
He left it dead, and with its head 
      He went galumphing back. 
“And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? 
      Come to my arms, my beamish boy! 
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” 
      He chortled in his joy. 
’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves 
      Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: 
All mimsy were the borogoves, 
      And the mome raths outgrabe.

Guidance from the Tarot: December 7th – 13th 2015

Try not to get swept into the silliness of the silly season this week.  It’s only a few more weeks till Christmas and it’s meant to be a time of giving, rejoicing and spending time with those we love.


The 5 of Pentacles wants to warn us of over spending and of conflict with others and ourselves this week.  It’s time to watch what we are putting our energy into.  While it’s nice to give and receive gifts for Christmas, it’s not what Christmas is all about.  It’s a time of reflection, of showing our friends and loved ones we really do care and appreciate them. It’s a time to show charity to all.  It’s a time to think about those who have less than us and to give freely to those in need.  Don’t be Scrooge before his visits from the Christmas Spirits.  Be like Scrooge after his visits, when his eyes and heart are opened.  Perhaps you’d like to light a candle each night leading up to Christmas, saying a little pray or sending out some positive vibes to the world this year.  As many people live in fear, send out thoughts of love and peace.  Start at home, show love and peace to those you come across, be the example.  Set the example of how you want the world to be.

The 3 of Cups reversed suggests that we may be isolating ourselves from gatherings around this time of year.  Perhaps we aren’t venturing out to the shops, due to the negativity and rudeness that we sometimes encounter. How do we change this?  We set the example.  Smile at people, wish them a Merry Christmas, be kind.  It’s a stressful time of the year, but one little smile, one act of kindness has such a grand effect.  It’s contagious!  Take some time to reconnect with your community, with your loved ones and friends.  Join in the local community Christmas Carols, go to the office Christmas party, just don’t put high expectations on the outcome.  Just go and be present.  Don’t expect anything in return, just go to have fun and enjoy the Christmas spirit.  Go out, have a good time and let your hair down.  The year is almost over and it is time to celebrate.

The Sun reversed suggests that you may be feeling a little cloudy.  That you aren’t where you expected to be by the end of the year.  That perhaps you haven’t achieved all you set out to achieve.  Don’t worry!  Don’t put pressure on yourself.  It’s all going to be ok.  The sun will always rise again and you will begin to feel it’s warmth.  As the 3 of Cups suggests just go and have fun, without expectations.  It can be a very trying time of year.  We have a lot on our plates, people to see, places to go.  Just do what you can.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a break. Stop, breathe, then proceed.  It’s a time of celebration, not a time to be so stressed that you don’t enjoy it at all.  Try to slow down a bit and enjoy all that surrounds you.  Take in your surroundings, the decorations, the carols playing in the shops, the children laughing and chatting away to Santa.  It’s such a magical time of the year if we just remember to take one step at a time, breathe and be present.

Be patient too with family, while conflict can easily arise try to stop and think before reacting.  I asked the Angels what we can do to help us get through this season and they said to Clear Yourself of any negative and toxic energies that you may have absorbed.  You can do this by burning some sage and allowing the smoke to surround yourself and your home. By standing in running water and imagining it washing all negativity from you.  You can carry crystals to protect you from absorbing negative energy from others.  Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz and Amethyst are great crystals to use.  Just make sure you cleanse them first and set your intentions, then wear them, carry them, have them close by to help repel negativity.  You can also simply imagine yourself in a bubble of protection, where nothing but love can penetrate it.  It’s really that simple.

The Angels also wanted to remind you of your power to Manifest.  They want you to be conscious of your thoughts, use them to attract your desired outcome.  Think good thoughts, lead by example, show the world how kind and loving you are.  Try not to get swept into family dramas.  Stand your ground, clear yourself and just be present.  Take each day as it comes and when you are around others, take them as they are.  Don’t place expectations on them, we are all doing the best we can with what we have.  No judgements, show only compassion, understanding and love. This speaks true when it comes to our Parents in particular.  The Angels want us to know that our Parents did/are doing the best they can.  That the divine truth is that they love us eternally and that they love us to the best of their ability.  We may not agree with things they did or said.  I’m blessed enough to have grown in a stable, loving home. I know that a lot of people haven’t been granted that.  So this time of the year, show kindness to all.  The horror that some people have faced is unfathomable.  They have never seen kindness, they may not know how to react to it.  Just be kind anyway.  Show them that there is love in the world.  That people do care. That there is help.  Be kind to each other. We are more alike than we are different.

Until we meet again…

Mel x